Marcis Skadmanis

Marcis Skadmanis’ Special Visit to Taichung City

On August 13th and 21st, the Taichung City Government officially invited Marcis Skadmanis to visit Taichung City in Taiwan. During this visit, Marcis discussed potential collaborations with Taichung City Government. Taichung City Government also set up a special tour for him to the Wufeng Guang-Fu INGO Center, Center for Children and Families, the Kiwanis Taiwan Center, and the YMCA Work Camp.

In addition, Marcis was also introduced to the Taichung World Flora EXPO, and in support of the GNP concept he signed the Taichung Declaration. Additionally, he showed great appreciation for Taichung City ambition of becoming an international hub and the organization of World NGO Day.

The conversations between Marcis and Taichung City Government focused on three key topics: the establishment of the INGO center in Taichung, the invitation of well-renowned nonprofit leaders to Taiwan, and philanthropy. 

The special visit of Marcis to Taichung set the cornerstone for future collaboration between NGOs around the world and the Taichung City Government, it also set a bold step forward to improve public awareness about the importance of NGOs, favor the development of effective international collaboration, and build connections between organizations and communities.