Marcis Skadmanis

Marcis Signs The Taichung Declaration

The Taichung City Government in Taiwan welcomed Marcis Skadmanis to their city while he signed the Taichung Declaration at their headquarters. This Declaration serves to reform the concept of Gross National Product through the establishment of what is called “Green Productivity” – a measure of Taichung’s efforts to reach goals in sustainability, nature protection, and the empowerment of people. This is accompanied by the ‘No Destruction, Just Optimization’ design concept which was exhibited in three areas of the Taichung World Flora Expo.

Marcis Skadmanis has been supportive of the Taichung Declaration, recognizing its potential to serve as a model for future Expos and Greening efforts worldwide. The theme of the Taichung Expo, which is to allow visitors to reconnect with nature for the well-being of not only the individual but of the global community as a whole, is especially crucial in this endeavour. Taichung City has put great effort into environmental and city improvements over the last few years, such as river improvement and old city renovation projects. This is possible through the help of both local and international non-governmental organizations.

The Taichung City Government has high hopes that this Declaration and its associated projects will help change the landscape of Gross National Product from an economic indicator to one which measures the value of sustainability, environmental protection, and human development. It is certainly an inspiring example for other cities that are striving to make similar commitments.