Marcis Skadmanis

Marcis Skadmanis

Marcis presents the first Honorary Medal to Mayor Lu Shiow-yen.

Mayor Lu Shiow-yean of Taichung City was awarded the Honorary Medal of World NGO Day in recognition of her and Taichung City’s accomplishments in providing support for local and international NGOs. The award was presented by Marcis Liors Skadmanis, the founder of the international calendar day for Non-governmental organizations. 

Marcis expressed that since 1980, Taiwan’s NGOs have experienced booming development, of which Taichung City presently contains more than 3,900 NGOs.

Skadmanis praised Mayor Lu’s contributions, pointing out that since 1980, Taiwan’s NGOs have experienced significant growth, and in Taichung City alone, more than 3,900 NGOs have been recognized. He added that under Mayor Lu’s leadership, the Taichung City Government has built headquarters and platforms for local and international NGOs while mobilizing around 5,000 local and international voluntary workers for the 31st Taiwan Lantern Festival in February. The World NGO Day expressed thanks to Mayor Lu and her cabinet for their efforts and support for the development of NGOs and civil society in Taiwan and Taichung. 

Mayor Lu’s achievement in being the first mayor in East Asia to be awarded the Honorary Medal of World NGO Day demonstrates the importance of NGOs in a healthy and functioning society and its contributions to diplomatic progress. The World NGO Day hopes that more mayors will be recognized and awarded for their support and contributions to civil society and international exchange programs.