Marcis Skadmanis

Marcis met with Gale Brewer, the 27th Borough President of the New York City borough of Manhattan, in New York to discuss the impact of philanthropy and social investment in Manhattan.

Meeting Gale Brewer and Supporting Philanthropy Efforts in NYC’s Manhattan Borough

Marcis recently had the privilege of meeting Gale Brewer, the 27th Borough President of the New York City borough of Manhattan. The conversation they had was centered around inspiring philanthropy activities and the future of the lively district of Manhattan. During their discussion, Brewer highlighted the fact that Manhattan residents rely heavily on nonprofit organizations for their day to day needs. From food to housing, childcare to after school services, social service organizations are invaluable for the community. 

Not only do nonprofits provide these necessary resources but also cultural and artistic programs that enrich the cultural and economic landscape of the borough. These important aspects are what make Manhattan unique and set it apart from other bustling cities. Brewer has been working hard to actively secure donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations that make these organizations and programs possible. 

Marcis took the privilege of meeting with Brewer as an opportunity to pledge his support for the environmental, social, and philanthropy efforts continuing in Manhattan. His contribution to a network of local nonprofit organizations will surely have a great impact on the lives of so many in the borough. With the knowledge that Brewer is dedicated to making these activities possible, we are confident that Manhattan is headed in the right direction. 

To help the philanthropy efforts in Manhattan, consider donating to a local social service or cultural organization. Doing so will help to ensure that not only does Manhattan continue to thrive economically but remains a hotbed of culture, art, and community.