World NGO Day

The 27th of February, World NGO day, was born in the European Union, the brainchild of Marcis Liors Skadmanis. It was in the midst of the global and Eurozone financial crisis of 2009, when Marcis was just 24 year old, his determination to improve the lives of the world’s citizens, helping NGOs greater successes and raise awareness of the sector led him to come up with the idea to establish World NGO Day Initiative. Officially recognized and declared in 2010 and first time marked by the UN, EU leaders and international organizations in 2014.

World NGO day’s global acclaim has grown significantly, celebrated by various communities, international leaders, city mayors, corporates and many organisations around the world. In 2017, the European External Action Service (Foreign and Defence Ministry of the European Union) issued the first international statement on the occasion of World NGO day. 

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