The Art for Causes

Marcis was born into a family of artists. His maternal grandfather was a talented metal sculptor and jeweller in the USSR (Latvia), his grandfather was one of the few who took part in designing some unique wall lamps and chandeliers for the Moscow Metro (subway) stations in the USSR period.

His paternal grandmother was a well know textile weaver in the USSR and the new Latvia in the 1990s, her work was displayed in a number of exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Marcis has two younger twin-sisters, Anda, currently an emerging textile artist, and Daina, who passed away in 2013 but was a painter and lithography artist. Daina left more than 342 art works, her name is associated with her final art object “Vēja egle” (Fir of Wind) in Riga and her internationally famous collection was devoted to the events of the Holocaust in Latvia.

As a result, Marcis has been a supporter for the last 10 years and continues to support a range of activities, that encourage young emerging artists, and art activities that raise awareness, explores and highlights the dark history of Holocaust. In addition, he expresses the importance that NGOs/Non-profits have in our transforming world, from tackling and solving global and local problems of our modern society.


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