Marcis launches his first book “Beyond The World NGO Day”

Marcis has launched his first (free) book “Beyond The World NGO Day – Addressing The Importance Of NGOs In A New Reality”.

In the past year, the world has faced unprecedented times, and handling the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge for every country. The world we knew has shifted unexpectedly. Rates of unemployment are soaring globally, thousands are dying every day, and it is uncertain how economies will recover. Many questions remain unanswered and we are yet to appreciate the full ramifications of this pandemic.  

Throughout the book, Marcis shows the impact of World NGO Day – more specifically how it has contributed to the world as it is today, and how it benefits us and others. Moreover, this book will look at how World NGO Day is involved in the pandemic, and how it will be involved in the post-pandemic world. This book cuts through different subjects including what NGOs do and how they contribute to the world as many may not fully know the extent to which NGOs work. The book also focus on the more current issues relating to NGOs and why they should not be underestimated.



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